Magnificent!!! 🙂


By doorways and walls, I pass through
with two faces. I am honoured
and assassinated by fruits and
seeds of the people.

They move their lips, I hear deep shrills.
They whisper like big cannons
at battle. I keep each as a sacred
stone; I throw each as a poisonous tale.

Today, God loves my motion. I merge with
Galileo under seven planets
I am his Dialogue on the Ebb and Flow of the Sea.

But tomorrow will take me suspiciously.
Medusa will come to show
the bogus end of Venus and her beautiful phase.

White weasels come in pack, they smell her
insidiousness; she sits coy on my tongue
while I am categorized.

Back to square rooms, black chairs,
flat carpet,
I pass through with two faces.
I am honoured by amber vials,
assassinated by the pills.

They move their lips,
I hear fuzziness and laughter…

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Come Alive!

come alive

Distraction – Doug Alan (07.25.13)

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been figuring out where I go from here! I appreciate all the support I’ve received from all of my friends here through WordPress. So, here is my latest recording!

Doug Alan – Distraction
{Copyright 2006}

I wrote this song many years ago. I have a recording from 2006 when I released it on MySpace, but this is the first time that I’ve gotten a good take for video. I haven’t posted in awhile so I decided this was a good song to start with. Just look at all the chaos unfolding on the Earth! Crazy!

‘Everyone is so Distracted!’


Spiral Out

Can’t help it. I’m posting this everywhere!

Change of Seasons

I had a great time in 2012

going through school

and learning

some new skills!


I can’t wait

for the change of seasons

into nice weather

 in 2013!


I’m looking forward

to what is

coming soon!




the Video – {My Own Worst Enemy}

Enjoy my latest Creation:

My Own Worst Enemy:

To anyone who has ever heard any of the recordings I’ve done in the past or seen me play, I’m just happy about how far I’ve come. This is the best audio recording I’ve ever been able to accomplish and I’m so happy with the way the video turned out! It’s nothing special, but all the work involved in releasing this song has been so much fun! Thanks for the support!